February 1, 2017

Why Diego G3?

  • Diego G3 is compatible elements do not need to buy a newer, more expensive electronic control unit, it is enough to record a later program, and already have the latest version of the G3 Diego computer management. Other gas equipment manufacturers that do not.
  • You do not join RPM cable. What is sometimes a problem.
  • Has the gas pressure sensor at the nozzle, which helps to better adjust the air / gas mixture.
  • Diego G3 can be installed in cars with Hemi engines.
  • Diego G3 can be installed in vehicles up to 16 cylinders
  • Programming, it is possible to verify the operation of the gas nozzle.
  • Spray a mechanical heating is used when the nozzles are sealed with dirt, and difficult to move especially when it’s cold. They rouse mechanically together and Silas, after the gas jets to be distributed randomly and the car switches to gasoline work flawlessly, without any vibrations.
  • There is a possibility of a brief switch to petrol, which gives a better driving conditions when the car comes out of the cut-off time (when running forgive the accelerator and then re-Tap), or the turns are too small or too large.
  • Switching on the gas, we can choose the delay time (used when the gas is a long way from the nozzle to the manifold, the long pipe), which allows the gas to go on working even when working on idling.
  • The maximum possible accuracy of the detection phase injection nozzle torque. Diego G3 gives the opportunity to observe this phenomenon as well as petrol and gas, each section separately. Understanding the reasons for such cases is simpler, but the most important thing is to control computer use is the instantaneous fuel switching.