February 1, 2017

About us

Kompiuteris Diego G3

We have worked in LPG sector since 1992, starting from doing conversion, then turning into designing LPG electronics. We started to manufacture simple electronic control units (switchers), then we turned into lambda systems, and then in 2004 we have shown our own sequential injection system. We also started to manufacture our own reducer. At present we are more than 100 employees, divided into production departments and Research & Development. Our products are approved according to UNECE regulations. All processes are performed in compliance with ISO-9001:2000 Quality Management System.

KME madet sequential gas injection Electronic Control Unit was fiorst product in Poland.

UAB „KME Lietuva“ is official representative of KME company in Lithuania

Are engaged in automobile gas equipment retail and wholesale distribution, installation and diagnostics.