January 31, 2017

OBD adapter

OBD Adapter enables access to OBDII system in the car for Diego system.

Aapter OBD offer:

  • reading from the OBDII system and its visualization in the Diego software
  • read and control (including deleting) stored and pending trouble codes in petrol ECU,
  • Automatic adjustment and adaptation of the gas system using the corrections reads from the OBD (onlywith Diego system in version 3.0H or newer).

It is possible to use it only for the calibration time – in this case calibration is easyer and you have more information from the car petrol system. It is also possible to mount it permanently in the car – then it serves as an interface between the petrol and gas controller and allows information for adaptive correction.

Adapter OBD can be used in cars with gas installation with Diego families 1.4x, 1.5x and 3.0x. Controller in the 3.0H or later versions provide full cooperation with the adapter, including the adaptive functionality adjustments based on the OBD. Older gas controller versions only provide the functionality of the OBD scanner (reading parameters, troubler codes).

The adapter can be connected to the OBDII using protocols that are used in most new European cars:

  • ISO9141,
  • KWP2000slow,
  • KWP2000fast,
  • CAN_11bitID_500kbps,
  • CAN_29bitID_500kbps,
  • CAN_11bitID_250kbps,
  • CAN_29bitID_250kbps.

Adapteris OBD