February 1, 2017


Since gasoline constantly rising, while the price of gas remains constant during a half cheaper, gas injection system installation ensures the maximum economic benefits.

The belief that the equipment will damage the car’s gas engine is a myth. 4 gas-generation direct injection system (sequential) in all respects comparable to petrol injection systems. The gas injection system for managing electric injectors, ensures optimum adaptation to the car’s original system and the best mechanical and dynamic characteristics of the car. Never will not hear any explosions, as been a generation of equipment with agitators generally. Gas does not cause detonation. Gas is 108 octane number (petrol – What kind of add depends 92-95-98). Nenuplauna gas oil from the cylinder walls and does not collect deposits. Reduces load on gas cylinder-piston group.

In addition, gas consumption is almost the same as gasoline, can vary up to 20%.

All our technicians are certified and have passed training in Poland. For the excellent facilities built under the responsibility of the KME factory itself.

Four generations of gas installation cost

2 year warranty (mileage up to 40,000 km.)

  • 4 cil. – from 2 200 LT
  • 6 CIL. – from 2 600 LT
  • 8 CIL. – from 3 000 LT


  • Control your computer NEVO
  • KME Nozzles injectors OMVL or HANA2000
  • Reducer KME SILVER or GOLD
  • Gas filter KME
  • Solenoid valve KME
  • Multivalve TOMASETTO
  • BORMECH balloon or ATRAMA

After the first oil change built-in equipment pays off.


Gas equipment installation costs may vary depending on the complexity of car design and complete the requested instance.: Sports filler unit (mounted on the petrol filler cap).

Filter, spark plug, ignition wire, reducers, nozzles, and replacement of rubber components and control system for cleaning the warranty is not included.