January 31, 2017

Diego G3

Complete assembly set containg 4 (6,8) cylinder Diego G3 ecu, Horizon injectr rail, Parker water and gas hoses.

Inside specially sealed box you will find:

  • Diego G3 ecu (4 cylinders),
  • SILVER FZ reducer for 6mm copper pipe,
  • solenoid valve with liquid phase filter,
  • Horizon injector rail (4 cylinders),
  • Parker water hose diameter 16mm,
  • Parker R67-approved gas hose diameter 12mm,
  • Parker R67-approved gas hose diameter 5mm,
  • vacuum hose diameter 4 mm,
  • vaporized phase filter with disposable cartrigde (double polyester coated glass fiber type),
  • clamps,
  • warranty card.

Diego G3 dujos